Archived PSC Testimony

As explained on the "How the PSC Works" page, the Public Service Commission is responsible for regulating utilities in West Virginia. If a utility company wants to engage in an activity that will affect ratepayers, they must first get approval from the PSC. If an outside group chooses, they may intervene in the case. Members of the Energy Efficient West Virginia coalition have intervened in numerous PSC cases, since the inception of EEWV. A list of the PSC cases and accompanying testimonies are listed below.
Case Number: 09-0177 
Details: EEWV intervened in an Appalachian Power rate case in 2009 to argue that AEP should begin offering energy efficiency programs.
Case Number: 10-0261
Details: EEWV intervened in an Appalachian Power rate case in 2010. As a result, the PSC ordered AEP to offer energy efficiency programs to customers.
Case Number: 09-1352
Details: EEWV intervened in an Allegheny Energy rate case in 2009 to argue that the company should have a demand-side management and energy efficiency plan.
Case Number: 10-0713
Details: EEWV intervened in the merger case for Allegheny Energy and FirstEnergy. The case was successful and as a result, the PSC order FirstEnergy to file an efficiency plan.
Case Number: 11-0452
Details: EEWV intervened in a PSC case in 2011 to argue that FirstEnergy (parent company of Mon Power and Potomac Electric) should strengthen their proposed efficiency plan. The hearing for this case occurred on December 1, 2011 and the Commission issued its final order on January 20, 2012.
Case Number: 11-1274
Details: Citizen's Action Group (CAG) argued that the Commission should adopt an integrated resource planning process in order to ensure that the companies are providing electricity at the lowest cost to their customers over the long term.  The results of an IRP process could be used to make sure that future rate requests are reasonable.  As a result of our intervention, FirstEnergy was required to file a "Resource Plan", available here.
Case Number: 12-0275
Details: EEWV intervened in this annual review of Appalachian Power's energy efficiency programs.  As a result, Appalachian Power will begin hosting stakeholder meetings to discuss and improve its existing efficiency programs.