PSC Policies EEWV Supports

What can the PSC do? 

Energy efficiency and demand response:
The Public Service Commission can require our utilities to offer energy efficiency and demand response programs. The Public Service Commission has ordered our major electric utilities – Appalachian/Wheeling Power, Mon Power, and Potomac Edison – to offer energy efficiency and demand response programs. We are working to make sure that these plans get strengthened so that West Virginia customers can have the same opportunities for savings as customers in other states. The Public Service Commission could also change
utilities' financial incentives to make it more attractive for our utilities to run strong efficiency programs.

Integrated resource planning: 
The Public Service Commission could require our utilities to engage in integrated resource planning.  This would require the utilities to submit long-term plans to the PSC every 2 years analyzing a range of future scenarios for meeting electricity demand.  Crucially, the power companies would be required to evaluate energy efficiency and demand response on an equal footing with investments in new power plants - which they have not done in their current proposals to acquire additional power plants.  WV power companies are not investing significantly in energy efficiency, even though it is cheaper to save energy through efficiency than it is to generate energy by building new power plants.  
Take Action! 
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  • Read about current PSC cases here.