Download our factsheet on potential energy savings in West Virginia schools and our presentation from the 2012 West Virginia Association of School Facilities Administrators (WVASFA) conference on "Cost Savings through Energy Efficiency".  Below are resources for K-12 schools in West Virginia that are looking to improve energy efficiency through better energy management, facilities improvements, or energy education.

Technical Resources

  • Energy Education, Incwill enter into contracts with school districts and guarantee savings through behavioral energy efficiency initiatives.
  • EnergySmart Schools Tips: tips from the Department of Energy on retrofitting, operating and maintaining existing school buildings to save energy


Financial Resources

  • Performance Contracting: Energy service companies will enter into performance contracts with school districts in which they guarantee energy savings and are paid back through the savings in your energy bills. A directory of energy service companies can be found through the website of the National Association of Energy Service Companies.
  • The Energy Services Coalition of West Virginia is an organization comprised of energy services corporation providers and members of the WV Department of Education and WV Division of Energy working on strategies to disseminate information and best practices of energy services and performance contracts in our state:
  • Natural Capital Investment Fund:  We know how hard it is to find and put together financing for energy efficiency projects for schools.  The Natural Capital Investment Fund has the resources to help acquire energy audits at a reduced cost, and a loan program to provide financing for enregy efficiency projects aimed at saving 15% of energy or greater. They are a flexible organizationa and Hannah, their energy efficiency rep, will assist every step of the way -whether applying for loan or a grant.  NCIF is a community development bank witha local focus on rural appalachian communities including all of West Virginia that will work with school districts to provide low-interest loans for energy efficiency projects.  

Curriculum Resources

  • Kid's Energy Education guide -'s Kids Learning Center provides free, educational resources that helps kids learn more about energy.
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