Current PSC Cases

Current PSC cases (as of 3/16/2023)
For all cases, unless otherwise noted, EEWV co-intervenes alongside West Virginia Citizen Action Group and Solar United Neighbors.

Market-Based Rates Task Force (22-0282-E-GI)

This task force, requested by the West Virginia Energy Users Group, a coalition of large energy users (mostly industrial businesses), is investigating whether there is some way for large electric users to have access to market rates. EEWV believes that it would not be fair to allow large energy users to cause other customers' rates to go up if they are able to get their power in a different way than the rest of us do. We also believe that families and small businesses should be able to access some benefits from free market power, too, if large users can.

Electric Cost and Reliability Task Force (22-0352-E-GI)
This task force, requested by the West Virginia Coal Association, was requested to be only about requiring coal-fired power plants to run 69+% of the time, but the PSC broadened the scope of the task force to "consider ways to decrease energy costs for West Virginia utility customers." This broader scope is important because efficiency and customer-owned generation/storage are far more important for reducing cost and reliability.

Mon Power and Potomac Edison's Capital Depreciation Case (23-0030-E-D)
In advance of Mon Power and Potomac Edison's base rate case, which will be filed later this year, West Virginia's FirstEnergy utilities filed this case to address how depreciation of the assets are handled. EEWV wants to ensure that depreciation is handled fairly and, as always, in a way that does not disadvantage ratepayers who want to meet their own energy needs.


Upcoming cases:
Mon Power and Potomac Edison's Base Rate Case - all costs and rates are up for review in this nine-month process.
Pleasants Power Plant Acquisition - If Mon Power decides that it wishes to pursue a bailout of the Pleasants Power Plant, which it likely will decide by late March, then this case could be filed soon after that determination is made.